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Having a 16 seater car rental for everyone to move together is the most polite, safe, and effective alternative when traveling in groups of more than 10 people, notably 12 – 16 people. You’re interested in and want to use this service, but you’re not sure where to look for further information? Follow the article below, and we’ll provide you the finest suggestions to match your automobile rental needs today.

When to rent a 16 seater car? Benefits of car rental with driver

Are you traveling with a large party and unsure whether to rent a self-driving car or a car with a driver? Renting a car with a driver is still a more affordable choice in our opinion. The reason for this is that just this service provides the following benefits:

Rent a 16 seater car in Hanoi with a driver attached
Rent a 16 seater car in Hanoi with a driver attached

Ensure travel for large groups that need privacy

Obviously, renting a 16 seater automobile is a more cost-effective choice than organizing a group of numerous single motorcycles or riding a bus.

You don’t have to be concerned about losing people or separating the group, especially if everyone in the group (family, work, friends, etc.) is in the same car; the ambiance will be really private and cozy. Not to add that sitting in a car is the most effective way to avoid exposure to sunlight, rain, and dust.

The sun and rain will not affect you just by sitting in the automobile discreetly. Not only that, but the cool air conditioner will help keep the body cool without having to worry about becoming sunburned or being terrified of rain or wind. Not only that, but the car’s peaceful and cozy environment is great for individuals to interact, converse, and save lovely moments while traveling.

Private space in a 16 seater car
Private space in a 16 seater car

Of course, you and the other passengers in the automobile can relax and take a nap without anxiety. Lie down for the duration of the journey; after a good night’s sleep, your goal will be right in front of you. Such wonderful moments are only possible when renting a car with a driver. This is also the first reason to hire a car rather than driving a self-contained vehicle.

Actively ensure on time and schedule

The second advantage available only in 16 seater car rental services with a driver is the assurance of a better time and schedule. Indeed, if you choose this service, you will not have to worry about anything, and you will not have to spend hours waiting and queuing to buy bus tickets, train tickets, or taxis to pick you up. Because it is a car with a driver, you will pick when and where to catch the bus, as well as the trip schedule.

Actively schedule when renting a 16 seater car
Actively schedule when renting a 16 seater car

Furthermore, after the 16 seater car is entirely covered, stopping to rest, snap pictures, or visit will become more flexible and simple. With this service, you may go wherever you want without worrying about being late or missing your bus or flight, for example.

More cost-effective

Not only that, but you might be astonished to learn that having a 16 seaterer car rental is often more cost effective than taking the bus. If chosen, will you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on bus tickets, train tickets, then get on, get off, transfer stations, change cars continuously, and still have to call more taxis, motorbike taxis to move through places, stops, or contribute money to rent a 16 seater car so that the entire family, group of friends, or employees can go together?

There is one fact: if the lucrative 16 seater car rental price is divided by average per capita, the profitable 16 seater car rental price might be absolutely cheaper and more economical if you go with a large group and the car is full. No more paying for taxis or motorcycle taxis; no more struggling to get in and out of the car or changing aircraft on long journeys. Better savings – that’s what you’ll get when you rent a car.

Provide safe journeys

Not only that, but renting a car with a driver is thought to be safer and more dependable than driving or taking a passenger car. The reason for this is that the drivers in charge of the rental automobile are usually long-distance drivers with extensive expertise.

Safe ride on DKT Plus' 16 seaterer vehicle
Safe ride on DKT Plus’ 16 seaterer vehicle

They are significantly more emotionally calm, resilient behind the wheel, and comprehend traffic laws than bus drivers who are continuously rushed for trips. Not only that, but the rental vehicle drivers are also knowledgeable and know numerous fast and reasonable ways, which is far superior to following the fixed path of the bus or driving and having to discover your own way.

Minimize disadvantages when moving

When renting a self-driving car, you may encounter many problems such as:

  • When you inadvertently breach traffic laws, you may be fined heavily and may even lose your automobile.
  • Compelled to pay a big sum of money and forced to stop halfway through the route if it collides with another vehicle.
  • You get lost or take too long to go because you don’t know where you’re going.
  • Traveling too far or driving in bad weather on uneven and unpleasant roads will also have a negative impact on the driver’s and passengers’ emotions and health.

By renting a car with a driver, you may actively prevent and eliminate all of these issues. Remember: If you choose this service, you will benefit the most because the rental unit will be the primary responsible person in resolving the mentioned problems.

What does a 16 seater car rental business provide?

If you want to comprehend and better understand the 16 seater car rental service that is currently available, please continue reading the details below.

Choose reputable 16 seater car rental units
Choose reputable 16 seater car rental units

Freedom to choose or request a 16 seater car according to a trusted brand

To begin with, if you choose to rent a 16 seater car with a driver, you have entire freedom to select and request the type you desire. After contacting the rental unit and discussing your needs and plans with the consultant, this experienced team will bring you the best, good cars that best suit your requirements.

Optimizing cost by km, trip or day, week, month, year

In terms of pricing, if you rent a car, you will be priced in a variety of ways. If the distance traveled is not too great, you may totally rely on the car rental price based on the number of kilometers traveled. Meanwhile, if you leave and return along a predetermined route, you should prioritize quoting each trip.

If you rent a car by the day or on a fixed weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, the garage can propose the fee flexibly based on the appropriate time. As a result, if you determine the time and distance to hire a car ahead of time, you should absolutely discuss and finalize the detailed plan with the rental unit.

Rent a car with reliable materials and certification

Furthermore, if you choose a 16 seater car rental service with a driver, you can be confident that the rental fee includes the cost of gas. Of course, each vehicle is accompanied by a full registration certificate as well as a driver’s license in line with the driver’s current laws.

The rental company will handle all car-related difficulties. When you have a clear contract, you will be more secure, proactive, and will undoubtedly profit the most from this service.

Where to have a 16 seater car rental? Why choose DKT Plus?

Following some of the recommendations above, if you want to obtain a respectable 16 seater car rental unit, please refer to DKT Plus to enjoy the full service, which includes:

New, clean and best-run car rental

The quality of a 16 seater car rental service in Hanoi is determined by the rental unit’s ability to provide customers with the most recent, luxurious, stylish, and clean car models. DKT Plus has performed admirably in this regard. DKT Plus’s excellence has been recognized by thousands of visitors for more than 15 years of operation and has continued to expand to this day.

DKT Plus is one of the choices not to be missed when you need to rent a 16 seater car
DKT Plus is one of the choices not to be missed when you need to rent a 16 seater car

Pick up and drop off customers on time, on line

When it comes to DKT Plus, professionalism and punctuality are also important considerations. DKT Plus has done a great job of adhering to the proper contract, assuring the right time, and taking the right route.

Quote in advance and apply more attractive offers

Furthermore, if you want to save money on car rentals, DKT Plus is the way to go. DKT Plus offers the most appropriate rental plan and price for each customer based on their budget. Furthermore, DKT Plus employs a number of appealing incentives to ensure that the cost of automobile rental services is more ideal and effective.

With all of the above particular benefits, DKT Plus is one of the most deserving 16 seater vehicle rental addresses available today. DKT Plus firmly gives you the greatest automobiles, skilled, professional, and enthusiastic drivers, based on its experience and capabilities. When you choose DKT Plus, you will obtain prestige and quality. If you are interested in this service, please contact us for free information and assistance.

Price list for 16 seater car rental in Hanoi

Price list for 16 seater car rental in Hanoi
Price list for 16 seater car rental in Hanoi

16 seater car to pick up and drop off Noi Bai airport

16 seater cars Pick up and drop off Noi Bai airport
Pick up Drop off
Ford Transit 550.000 VND 450.000 VND
Hyundai Solati 500.000 VND 400.000 VND

16 seater car for traveling, going to the province

Destination Mileage Price (VND)
Cát Bà 133 km Contact
Hạ Long 156 km Contact
Mai Châu 140 km Contact
Mộc Châu 200 km Contact
Sapa 315 km Contact
Tam Đảo 80 km Contact
Province Mileage Price (VND)
Bắc Giang 45km Contact
Hà Giang 300km Contact
Hà Nam 60km Contact
Hà Tĩnh 340km Contact
Hải Phòng 120km Contact
Hòa Bình 75km Contact
Hưng Yên 60km Contact
Lào Cai 286 km Contact
Nam Định 85km Contact
Nghệ An 320km Contact
Ninh Bình 90km Contact
Phú Thọ 95km Contact
Quảng Bình 550km Contact
Quảng Ninh 195 km Contact
Vĩnh Phúc 65km Contact
Yên Bái 200km Contact

How to book a service from us?

  • Our Mobile Phone/Zalo: 0914 306 818
  • Our email: dktplusvietnam@gmail.com
  • Our fanpage: thuexegiarenhathanoi
  • Our address: N03T7 – Ngoai Giao Doan Buiding, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

If you have any problems or you are not satisfied with our car rental service, you can call our hotline: 0914 306 818. We are very happy and ready to solve your problems the fastest and most effectively.

DKT Plus would like to express our most sincere gratitude for having been using our service. We hope that you always have safe, happy, and successful trips.