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In recent years, especially in the service sector, the term Limousine car has appeared quite popularly when it comes to car rental services. In fact, this car is not too new, but it is too familiar in the world and Vietnam markets, but it is the most chosen by customers because of the innovation in each version of design and quality.

To meet the travel needs of customers, DKT Plus is proud to be the leading unit providing quality and reputable Limousine car rental service in Hanoi with the cheapest price in Hanoi and the Northern provinces.

Limousine overview and Limousine rental demand

Limousine is one of the most luxurious, quality and comfortable car brands not only in the Vietnamese market but also highly appreciated in the international market. They are one of the most sought after cars in the travel and car rental sectors today. Because quality brands give users a particularly comfortable experience.

Limousine is a luxury and high-quality car
Limousine is a luxury and high-quality car

The concept of a Limousine first appeared in 1889, when it began to improve the carriage with carriages into cars – which is the forerunner of the current Limousine line. The peak development period of this car line must be mentioned from 1930-1960 when famous personalities preferred to use and serve the needs of travel. And until now, it has been successfully improved to become a leading luxury car line, bringing many long-term economic benefits, especially the Limousine service industry in Hanoi.

This is a car of the largest size with a design characterized by zoning: the passenger compartment and the cockpit are divided into two clear spaces. Limousine cars are long, often designed with 4 doors to bring convenience and comfort to passengers. All make a difference, the most comfortable for riders.

In the current Vietnamese market, especially in Hanoi, the demand for Limousine car rental is extremely high, especially on holidays. There are a number of quality car rental units such as DKT Plus that often fall into a state of “burn out” of the luxury Limousine car rental service.

Limousine rental Hanoi and great benefits at DKT Plus

Economic development leads to an increased demand for people’s quality of life, entertainment and tourism. Especially when the whole country has just gone through a year of “blockade”, “detention” because of the covid pandemic, the demand for travel, car rental for trips home and away is more and more popular than ever.

Limousine car rental service at DKT Plus
Limousine car rental service at DKT Plus

Facing the above situation, the car rental service industry in Hanoi has more conditions to be interested in. Among many different means of transportation, Limousine car rental is still the best choice of many customers to have a comfortable, luxurious, enjoyable and cost-saving trip in the best way. .

With diverse development, DKT Plus is always a reliable address for every home. So, what benefits will customers receive when choosing Hanoi Limousine car rental service at DKT Plus? Explore with us below to get the best choice, a perfect car rental service.

Top quality Limousine

The first convenient experience of customers when choosing DKT Plus for Limousine car rental service is that customers have the opportunity to experience the top quality of premium cars.

Limousine quality is always at the top of popular cars
Limousine quality is always at the top of popular cars

Currently, all DKT Plus Limousines have the most modern, luxurious and classy interior and exterior. First of all, the car seats are designed to be quite spacious, smooth and comfortable like a business seat on an airplane, so even if you have a long journey, you will not feel pain or fatigue.

Next, it is impossible to mention the 5-star facilities on each Limousine DKT Plus car. The car is equipped with quality speakers, powerful wifi system, phone charger in the car, etc. to help you experience the top conveniences of modern life.

And finally, the space inside the car is extremely spacious, the car seats are equipped with 9 seats, 16 seats or 19 seats suitable for large travel groups with friends, colleagues, family,….

Cheap, cost-effective car rental service

The next great benefit when experiencing DKT Plus’s Hanoi Limousine car rental service that customers cannot ignore is the cheapest car rental cost in Hanoi and the northern provinces. With the motto of putting the interests of customers first, DKT always wants to bring customers great experiences at low prices.

Limousine has 19 seats
Limousine has 19 seats

Instead of having to spend billions of dong to own a Limousine, customers only need to spend a few million to tens of millions of dong to own a quality Limousine to serve their travel, entertainment, and mobility needs. mine.

Not only saving the above cost, but customers also save an extremely “heavy” expense when traveling, which is bus tickets, especially when traveling in large numbers. A group trip, bus tickets / air tickets / travel money between locations can sometimes be up to several tens of millions of VND, but renting a Limousine in Hanoi is only up to 10 million VND, so you have saved more than 2 /3 cost, protect the safety of your “wallet”.

Currently, DKT Plus is renting a 9-seater Limousine (a vehicle that has been improved from a 16-seat Ford Transit to a 9-seater, with luxurious interior, spacious seats, and many accompanying utilities to create a sense of best comfort for customers). In addition to the 9-seat car, DKT also rents a spacious and luxurious 19-seat Limousine (the car is improved from the 29-seat car).

The process of renting a limousine in Hanoi is simple and fast

The simple and easy car rental process is also the last benefit we want to introduce to customers in this article when renting a car at DKT Plus. Usually, this is a problem that many customers worry about because of the complicated and fussy process. But coming to Hanoi Limousine car rental service in particular and car rental in general at DKT Plus, customers can completely rest assured about this issue.

The process of renting a limousine in Hanoi is simple and fast
The process of renting a limousine in Hanoi is simple and fast

The process of renting a car at DKT Plus is extremely simple with a variety of methods of contacting car rental as well as payment for services. Customers can contact Hotline: 0914 306 818

The consultant will guide you to the car rental contract and what to do. Customers can go to the company’s address to receive a rental Limousine or the company’s staff will deliver it to you.

Important notes when renting a Limousine

Limousine cars are appreciated by many customers as a modern house or a mobile palace because it has too many amenities to serve the needs of living, entertainment and relaxation of customers. However, the characteristics of the service industry are not all 100% perfect, so to avoid your journey, your trip encounters trouble, when renting a Limousine Hanoi you need to pay attention. Notice the following issues:

Important notes when renting a Limousine
Important notes when renting a Limousine
  • Plan to rent a car in advance to choose a car suitable for the number of people traveling, avoid having to change cars close to the travel date or not having a rental car.
  • Make a specific plan for your visit, travel, work (visit places, schedule to visit tourist attractions, how long to travel, when to start and finish the journey when any,…). This seems meaningless, but in fact it is extremely important, it directly affects the quality of the journey as well as financial costs, avoiding unnecessary arising.
  • Choose a reputable and quality Limousine car rental location at a reasonable price. To do this, you should consult Limousine rental points across the country, see customer reviews and compare locations with each other. These are the things that help you find a quality car rental address. In the Limousine rental market in Hanoi and the northern provinces, DKT Plus is the best choice for customers.
  • Consult car prices, rent cars by time. On normal days, the cost of renting a car is quite cheap. However, on holidays, Tet, and summer, the car rental price will be very high, with some units raising the price many times. Therefore, customers should choose the units with the most reasonable Limousine rental prices on holidays such as DKT Plus to save maximum travel finance.
  • On-site vehicle inspection is the most important note that we want to share with our customers. Witnessing, inspecting the car will know the comfort and safety as advertised. As well as avoid having to pay unjustly for previous car damage.

Thus, the above article DKT Plus has shared with customers the most important information about Hanoi Limousine car rental service, specifically at DKT Plus. We hope that we will be the perfect choice for customers who are interested in cheap and quality car rental service in Hanoi and the northern provinces.

Limousine car rental price list in Hanoi for reference
Limousine car rental price list in Hanoi for reference

Limousine car rental price list in Hanoi

Limousine car price to transfer to Noi Bai airport

Loại xe Limousine Noi Bai airport shuttle
Pick up Drop off
Limousine 9 seats 900.000 VND 900.000 VND
Limousine 19 seats 1.500.000 VND 1.500.000 VND

Limousine price for traveling, going to the province

Tourist destination Distance ( Km) Price (VND)
Cát Bà 133 km Contact
Hạ Long 156 km Contact
Mai Châu 140 km Contact
Mộc Châu 200 km Contact
Sapa 315 km Contact
Tam Đảo 80 km Contact
Province Distance ( Km ) Price (VND)
Bắc Giang 45km Contact
Hà Giang 300km Contact
Hà Nam 60km Contact
Hà Tĩnh 340km Contact
Hải Phòng 120km Contact
Hòa Bình 75km Contact
Hưng Yên 60km Contact
Lào Cai 286km Contact
Nam Định 85km Contact
Nghệ An 320km Contact
Ninh Bình 90km Contact
Phú Thọ 95km Contact
Quảng Bình 550km Contact
Quảng Ninh 195km Contact
Vĩnh Phúc 65km Contact
Yên Bái 200km Contact

How to book a service from us?

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If you have any problems or you are not satisfied with our car rental service, you can call our hotline: 0914 306 818. We are very happy and ready to solve your problems the fastest and most effectively.

DKT Plus would like to express our most sincere gratitude for having been using our service. We hope that you always have safe, happy, and successful trips.