Long term car rental, monthly car rental in Hanoi good price, high quality

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DKT Plus provides long term, monthly car rental services in Hanoi with prestige, quality, new cars, and competitive prices. Contact 0914 306 818 to receive preferential long term car rental service in Hanoi.

What is a long term car rental?

Long term car rental is a form of rental with a long term of weeks, months, years or for a certain period of time depending on the purpose of the tenant. Long term car rentals can be with or without a driver. Long term car rental always has a contract with terms that guarantee the interests of both parties.

What is a long term car rental?
What is a long term car rental?

Benefits of long term car rental

Long term car rental helps tenants reduce initial investment costs, maintenance costs, take the initiative in time, take the initiative in the use schedule. In addition, long term car rental contracts always have a much better price than short-term rental.

Long term rental cars in Hanoi
Long term rental cars in Hanoi

Vehicles for long term rental, monthly rental of DKT Plus

As a long term car rental and monthly car rental service provider operating in the Hanoi market, DKT Plus builds a roadmap to invest in long term car lines that are suitable for the tastes of tenants. Specifically, DKT Plus long term car rental in Hanoi follows:

Long term car rental type 4 seats

Long term car rental 4 seats
Long term car rental 4 seats

A 4-seater car is the most popular car on the market, a 4-seater car is suitable for transporting leaders, experts, and small groups of 3-4 people to work at different locations. 4-seater cars are chosen by many businesses for long term rental to reduce initial investment costs.

  • Toyota Vios: As the most popular 4-seater car model in Vietnam, the advantages are high durability, little damage, easy replacement and repair, reasonable long term rental price.
  • Honda City: Many customers choose long term rental, because this is a model designed in a strong sport direction, the interior is reasonably arranged, spacious and luxurious enough, smooth engine, and durability. tall.
  • Hyundai Accent: With beautiful design, smooth operation and a series of optimal and safe utilities, Hyundai Accent will definitely bring comfort and peace of mind to those who want to rent long term.
  • Toyota Camry: Possessing a classy and luxurious design that is always popular with consumers. However, to be able to own this car, users have to spend a small amount of money. To minimize the cost of buying a new car, many customers choose a long term car rental service.
  • Mercedes: Mercedes is a famous car brand leading the world. Therefore, everyone wants to sit, drive, and use this luxury car. DKT Plus brings this car into long term rental service with the desire to bring the best experience to customers.

Long term car rental 7 seats

Long term car rental 7 seats
Long term car rental 7 seats

A 7-seater car is the most chosen car model by customers in long term rental contracts. Why? A 7-seat long term car rental is suitable for moving, transporting foreign experts, suitable for businesses that do not or do not want to invest in a car, suitable for temporary offices, long term business partners, … Currently, DKT Plus has the following models of 7-seat cars for long term rental:

  • Kia Sedona 7 seats: Kia Sedona is a car originating from Korea, although it is not outstanding in terms of engines, the Sedona has many driving support features, extremely luxurious and eye-catching interior and exterior. The car’s large size, wide seat compartment creates a comfortable feeling for the occupants. In addition, Sedona is quite fuel-efficient, helping long term tenants reduce operating costs.
  • 7-seat Innova car: 7-seat Innova is a product of Toyota – Japan, one of the leading brands entering the Vietnamese market quite early. Innova 7 seats has many outstanding utilities, durable operation, fuel economy, interior creates a pleasant feeling for the driver and customers.
  • Fortuner 7-seater: Belonging to the 7-seater midsize SUV Fortuner has a trendy design, many features, safety and convenience for users. Fortuner is chosen by many businesses to hire to transport experts and officials, especially on difficult roads.

Limousine long term car rental

Long term car rental Limousine 9 seats
Long term car rental Limousine 9 seats

Currently, DKT Plus rents a 9-seat Limousine, a version that has been renovated from a 16-seat Ford Transit car to 9 extremely comfortable seats. Limousine 9 is suitable for long term car rental customers to transport employees in small groups of less than 10 people. In addition, DKT Plus also rents a 19-seat Limousine, for customers who need to transport the number of 15-19 people.

Long term car rental 16 seats

16-seat long term car rental
16-seat long term car rental

In the 16-seater segment, DKT Plus owns many 16-seat Ford Transit models, which is the most chosen car for both short-term and long term rental. Service companies use Ford Transit to transport tourists, businesses to transport experts, officials, employees, schools use to transport students, .. The reason Ford Transit is popular is because of luxury, comfort, the number of people transporting up to 15 people, suitable for the average group.

Long term car rental 29 seats

Long term car rental 29 seats
Long term car rental 29 seats

DKT Plus applies Hyundai’s 29-seat County car to its long term car rental service because it has a beautiful exterior, luxurious interior, durable engine, and fuel economy. This is a car that is used a lot in transporting employees, students and tourists.

Long term car rental 35 seats

Long term car rental 35 seats
Long term car rental 35 seats

Universe 35 seats is always the number one priority in transporting staff and students. It is neither too big nor too small, yet it has an elegant exterior, comfortable and modern interior, and can run on any terrain. It is for the above reasons that DKT Plus invests in Universe 35 seats for long term car rental service.

Long term car rental 45 seats

Long term car rental 45 seats
Long term car rental 45 seats

The largest car line in the long term car rental service of DKT Plus is the 45-seat Universe – a large Hyundai model, with a modern, luxurious and sophisticated design, smooth operation. Universe 45 seats is suitable for transporting large groups of tourists, staff, students,…

Latest price list for long term car rental in Hanoi
Latest price list for long term car rental in Hanoi

Latest price list for long term car rental in Hanoi

Range of vehicle Short-term contract (VND)  Long term contract (VND)
4 seater car rental Contact Contact
7 seater car rental Contact Contact
 Limousine car rental Contact Contact
16 seater car rental Contact Contact
29 seater car rental Contact Contact
35 seater car rental Contact Contact
45 seater car rental Contact Contact

Note: The above prices are for reference only, prices may change from time to time. For a good price, exactly according to the itinerary, please contact the hotline: 0914 306 818

Reasons to choose long term car rental service of DKT Plus

DKT Plus is a professional long term car rental unit in Hanoi. We constantly improve service, car quality, driver team, optimize price to satisfy customers.

New car

For individual customers, companies, agencies, foreign companies renting cars to serve daily travel needs for Bosses, Senior Officials, Engineers, foreign experts,… DKT Plus is committed to providing Latest car rental.

Just by looking at the exterior of the car, the interior of the car, the number of kilometers traveled, customers can confirm the quality of our rental car.

Professional driver

DKT Plus has a team of experienced drivers, knowledgeable about traffic laws and well-versed in roads. Professional attitude, always smiling, friendly to customers, ready to answer all questions and concerns of customers during the journey.

Polite style, polite dress, skills to serve VIP guests, bosses, senior officials, foreign experts. Pick up guests on time as committed in the contract.

Vehicles are regularly maintained

When customers rent a car for a long time at DKT Plus, we have a monthly car maintenance policy in accordance with regulations. Key elements of monthly vehicle warranty include:

  • ABS Brakes
  • System of far-beam and near-projection lights
  • Turn signal light system
  • Vehicle license
  • Change the oil every time the number of km . is reached
  • Maintenance of air conditioning and cooling systems

During the contract period, if there is a problem with the car you rent, the company will provide another similar car so that you do not miss your work.

Service commitment

When renting a car by month at DKT Plus, we commit to:

  • Sign a contract that clearly outlines the rights and obligations of both parties.
  • Only provide the latest models, high quality, comfortable and luxurious interior.
  • Always ensure to bring the cheapest monthly car rental in the market.
  • A large number of vehicles, diverse models, all types of vehicles for you to choose the most suitable for your travel needs.
  • Professional, courteous drivers with many years of experience in the industry.
  • Professional service attitude from consultation to the end of the contract.
  • The process of renting a car is simple, getting a car is quick.
  • Flexible monthly car rental procedures.

Support customers with many different forms of payment: payment by cash or wire transfer, saving time and creating the best payment conditions when using our services.

How to book a service from us?

  • Our Mobile Phone/Zalo: 0914 306 818
  • Our email: dktplusvietnam@gmail.com
  • Our fanpage: thuexegiarenhathanoi
  • Our address: N03T7 – Ngoai Giao Doan Buiding, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

If you have any problems or you are not satisfied with our car rental service, you can call our hotline: 0914 306 818. We are very happy and ready to solve your problems the fastest and most effectively.

DKT Plus would like to express our most sincere gratitude for having been using our service. We hope that you always have safe, happy, and successful trips.