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The 29 seater car rental service is often used with large groups of people. And with the unification of riding on the same trip, it will help your journey become faster, neater and less likely to get lost. To choose a professional and quality unit for the trip, you need to understand the criteria as well as information before searching for an address.

Why should you rent a 29 seater car?

When using the 29 seater car rental service, customers will receive many outstanding benefits and make their trip more efficient. First of all, renting a car for a large group will help the schedule faster, everyone has a place to gather together and there will be no situation of people going first, making the circuit incomplete. This is also a way to make the game more fun.

Why should you rent a 29-seat car?
Why should you rent a 29 seater car?

Besides, you can actively schedule the whole group. Many members with different schedules definitely need a fixed and comfortable time frame for them. Therefore, renting a car will help you solve this problem. They will help you be more flexible during the ride, the journey becomes more perfect and comfortable.

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Not only that, renting a 29 seater car for everyone will be cheaper than going by yourself or renting similar small cars. Traveling by 29 seater car, when dividing the head, is also very economical and economical.

In addition, because you rent a car separately, the loss of property to the outside will not happen because the whole convoy is relatives and friends. Customers can freely use the vehicle provided that it does not cause harm and damage to the property of the unit.

Commonly used 29-seat vehicles
Commonly used 29 seater vehicles

Vehicles with 29 seats are rented by many people

On the market today, there are many different types of 29 seater cars. Each type of vehicle will have its own advantages, here are some popular models used by many units to move:

  • 29 seater Hyundai County car: This is a car from Korea and is quite popular with both suppliers and customers. The interior of the car is basic, comfortable for 29 people. Besides that, the trunk of the car is designed to be deep, quite spacious to hold a lot of luggage. The cost of renting a car is also cheap, making many customers love it.
  • Hyundai County Limousine: As a Limousine car, the exterior and interior are all invested as well as meticulously and modernly designed. The interior seats of the car are also covered with high-quality leather and are designed with high-class LED lighting systems. For customers who love a new feeling, this is the right car.
  • Thaco Truong Hai 29 seater bus: Thaco’s car line is no longer strange to everyone when it is the brand name of a multi-seat bus, that’s why the design of the product is also very suitable for 29 comfortable and comfortable seats. In addition, the luggage compartment can also store large amounts of luggage.
  • Thaco Town bus 29 seats: The appearance of Thaco car from the outside is very clean and modern and the inside is arranged similarly. In particular, Thaco Town car also has many storage compartments on both sides of the body to help customers make the most of the amount of luggage they carry.
  • 29 seater Isuzu Samco: As a Japanese car, Isuzu Samco ensures the size and technical standards of a modern and quality car. In particular, the product has a spring to help operate smoothly when going through squirrel roads.
29-seat Isuzu Samco car
29 seater Isuzu Samco car

Efficient 29 seater car rental experience

To choose a quality 29 seater car rental unit in Hanoi on the market, users who want to get good service need to grasp some skillful and accurate selection experiences.

29-seat car interior
29 seater car interior

Reputable unit in the field

You can search for units by searching for the keyword “29 seater car rental in Hanoi” and select the units with the first website to appear. The listings at the top will be popular and create trust for the service tenants themselves. Because only a reliable company can guarantee to bring the best service to everyone.

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After choosing a few names, you can see if their website is reputable or not by checking the phone number as well as the physical address. Then, find out how many years the unit has been in the industry and how the customer care policy is.

Professional driver team

Besides a unit that has been operating for a long time, quality in the field, what you need to pay attention to is the qualifications of the driver team. This is an important factor because it determines your safety throughout the journey.

Find out how the team here is trained, from formal to advanced training and above all, they have many years of solid driving skills with journeys by 29 seater car. Each vehicle type will have different complexity and you should make sure that the driver drives the 29 seater car with a steady hand.

The 29-seat car rental contract needs to be clear
The 29 seater car rental contract needs to be clear

The contract signing process is transparent and clear

When renting such a large car, a guarantee contract is not to be missed. A professional unit will definitely work with you based on the terms of the contract to ensure the interests of both parties.

The final cost should be clearly stated in the contract, especially for package trips where the price is one-way or two-way. You need to read the signature carefully to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

New and quality vehicle system

One point you should consider when renting a car is whether the quality of the rental product is new and modern, clean or not. No one wants to lose their car rental and have to use a car that doesn’t look clean and unhygienic. So you need to ask the unit about the condition of the 29 seater car.

DKT Plus - a professional and quality 29-seat car rental address
DKT Plus – a professional and quality 29 seater car rental address

Why should you rent a 29 seater car from DKT Plus?

Currently, on the market, there are many different 29 seater car rental locations on the market, but not all of them are of the same quality. Therefore, to receive a clear process and a warm working attitude, please contact DKT Plus.

With more than 15 years of operation in the field of passenger transport, car rental business in Hanoi. DKT Plus has served tens of thousands of domestic and foreign visitors. Be trusted by customers, highly appreciated by partners. And to this day, DKT continues its mission of serving all the car rental needs of individuals, organizations, hotels, restaurants and travel companies in Hanoi.

All used cars are of high quality, ensuring the most comfort and safety for customers, including leading brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, etc., luxury car brands such as Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, etc. : Audi, BMW, Lexus, Porsche,…

“Strengthen the steering wheel – Keep the faith” is not a slogan hung up for fun, shouted for yes. The entire staff, drivers of DKT Plus always consider it as a guideline for each journey, each customer’s experience.

And certainly not stopping here, in the future the unit will try to develop further to become one of the leading companies in the market. DKT Plus takes customer satisfaction as the target to strive and improve in a better way.

The unit provides a lot of different 29 seater cars with the best quality guaranteed. DKT Plus regularly cleans and checks vehicle engines to ensure safety, no problems during the customer journey.

Besides, the team of drivers are all experienced and have made many short and long trips for customers. So you can rest assured when handing the steering wheel to them. Not only that, when contacting DKT Plus, you will be enthusiastically consulted by the staff here to solve problems as well as choose the right car model for your needs and finances.

Another plus point of the unit is the cost of the journey, which is competitive in the market. Compared to renting a private car, the price is considered to be very suitable for the number of customers using it.

29-seat car rental fee
29 seater car rental fee

Price list for 29 seater car rental at DKT Plus

The price list of a 29 seater car rental depends on many different factors. In order to understand why the price changes, you need to understand the factors that determine the cost. It is these factors that have decided to create the high price difference for the service. A few factors that have been identified as directly affecting the price of 29 seater car rental services are listed as follows:

  • The number of kilometers traveled is the first factor that causes the price to change. You will specify from how many kilometers to how many miles this price will be, and similarly if it is longer, the cost will increase.
  • On the way, there are many stages that require toll payment. From the beginning, the unit will capture the route and calculate how much the fee to go to the checkpoint is to add and the trip cost for the customer.
  • The type of 29 seater car is any type that affects the cost of renting. If you use mid-range cars with basic structure, the cost will not be as much as that of a luxury car from exterior to interior.
  • The price will also be different when customers rent a car and go on weekends and holidays. These times are when people often go out and travel, so the demand for car rental also increases, which increases the price of the service too.
  • In addition, when the distance is too long, many units also charge an extra gas fee because the fuel tank will not always be enough for your journey. Especially for round trip trips, this is something not to be missed.

29 seater car to transfer to Noi Bai airport

29 seater vehicle Hanoi airport transfer service
Pick up at the airport (VNĐ) Drop off at the airport (VNĐ)
Isuzu Samco 900.000 VND 900.000 VND
Hyundai County 900.000 VND 900.000 VND

29 seater car for traveling, going to the province

Tourist destination Distance ( Km) Price (VND)
Cát Bà 133 km Contact
Hạ Long 156 km Contact
Mai Châu 140 km Contact
Mộc Châu 200 km Contact
Sapa 315 km Contact
Tam Đảo 80 km Contact
Province Distance ( Km ) Price (VND)
Bắc Giang 45km Contact
Hà Giang 300km Contact
Hà Nam 60km Contact
Hà Tĩnh 340km Contact
Hải Phòng 120km Contact
Hòa Bình 75km Contact
Hưng Yên 60km Contact
Lào Cai 286km Contact
Nam Định 85km Contact
Nghệ An 320km Contact
Ninh Bình 90km Contact
Phú Thọ 95km Contact
Quảng Bình 550km Contact
Quảng Ninh 195km Contact
Vĩnh Phúc 65km Contact
Yên Bái 200km Contact

How to book a service from us?

  • Our Mobile Phone/Zalo: 0914 306 818
  • Our email: dktplusvietnam@gmail.com
  • Our fanpage: thuexegiarenhathanoi
  • Our address: N03T7 – Ngoai Giao Doan Buiding, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

If you have any problems or you are not satisfied with our car rental service, you can call our hotline: 0914 306 818. We are very happy and ready to solve your problems the fastest and most effectively.

DKT Plus would like to express our most sincere gratitude for having been using our service. We hope that you always have safe, happy, and successful trips.