45 seater car rental service in Hanoi with attractive rental price

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Does your company organize travel for employees? Are students, and lecturers at your school looking for a car for summer trips? Your family has a wedding far away and needs to rent a car. Are you looking for a 45 seater car rental service in Hanoi but confused because there are so many options today? DKT Plus is a prestigious, high quality and professional address that you cannot miss out!

A brief introduction to our 45 seater car rental services in Hanoi

On the Hanoi tourist car rental market, most companies offer 29 seat car rental or 35 seat car rental, but there are very few 45 seater car rental choices for customers to choose. However, the demand for renting a 45 seater car is quite a lot nowadays. The reason behind it is because sometimes the 29-35 seater cars do not meet the needs of the group of customers. That leads to an increasing demand for 45 seater car rental.

There are many choices of 45 seater car rental services on the market
There are many choices of 45 seater car rental services on the market

Renting a 45 seater car is now considered the first choice for travel, because of the convenience that modern cars bring to users. In the past you always felt tired, because the moving car made the car feel tilted, making you prone to motion sickness, but now the most advanced models such as our 45 seater cars have been equipped with modern systems. It completely eliminates those feelings for you.

In short, renting a 45 seater large car helps passengers feel more comfortable and satisfied. It offers a smooth ride on any long haul. This helps service users get many interesting experiences during their trips.

What should I pay attention to when renting a 45 seater car?

Renting a car is not strange, but there are some caveats to keep in mind. The reason behind that is because having too many options will make it difficult for you to make a decision to use the best service. You need to note a few things to help you choose to rent a car like that, choose a driver who is always enthusiastic.

Before renting a car

Before renting a 45 seater car, you need to determine the most specific and clear route through questions such as:

  • When do you go?
  • Will you go there and will you go anywhere else?
  • When will you come back?

Once you have identified the answer to the above questions, you need to find out the models of your favorite cars and go directly to the car rental company in Hanoi to choose the one you like most. After that, you can proceed to make a contract, and make a deposit and we will keep the best car for you. This is extremely necessary, so you must be prepared to have an effective service.

During car renting

There are many things you need to consider and keep in mind during the car rental process. Renting a car not only determines the comfort but it also affects the safety of users. Notes during car rental include:

  • Choose a car from the list of new cars and watch them directly from the outside to the inside of the cars.
  • Choose drivers who are fun, friendly and professional. When you come to sign the contract, you should actively discuss with the driver.
  • Consult prices from many different information sources to find the best price, but it still ensures the quality of the car as new.
Check the interior and exterior carefully when renting a car
Check the interior and exterior carefully when renting a car

If you find a high-quality car at a higher price than elsewhere, actively renegotiate the price with that company to come to an agreement and choose the best price. You can even prove to them that the company’s price is higher than elsewhere.

During the journey

In the process of moving in the car, there are some issues you need to pay attention to such as:

  • Check to make sure that all the cars they deliver are the cars you selected earlier.
  • Please actively communicate with the driver, for example you can buy them a cup of coffee. That shows your friendliness, and it will give the driver no reason not to serve you more enthusiastically than usual.
  • Observe the driver while driving, if you see that the driver is speeding too quickly, you must remind them immediately. If you feel tired, ask the driver to stop for a while. If you do not rest in time, it will easily cause accidents and risks on the road for you.

These are the basics that we want to share with you when renting a car and making itineraries. Wherever you rent a car, you should also apply the above notes. That will help you get a nice new car, professional driver. You will have a more complete journey and have many good impressions of them.

Where is the ideal address to rent a 45 seater car?

In journeys, especially long distances, drivers, assistants and vehicle quality are very important factors to create a professional car rental service. That will bring safety and joy to yourself, your loved ones and other passengers in the car.

If you are looking for a reputable 45 seater car rental company in Hanoi, with competitive rental prices, a team of drivers and friendly service staff, DKT Plus is the place to meet and satisfy the strict demands of customers.

DKT Plus is a reputable car rental address in the market
DKT Plus is a reputable car rental address in the market

DKT Plus is currently a company with more than 15 years in the field of car rental, meeting all the needs of customers everywhere. Our vision and development orientation is to become one of the leading car rental companies in the market. We are constantly improving our customer services and taking care of every customer to make your experience the most perfect!

Great benefits of renting a car at DKT Plus

Renting a 45 seater car in Hanoi at DKT Plus will be ideal in many different cases, meeting all the needs of the best customers. Besides, DKT Plus car rental service will bring customers the following benefits:

New, high-class, modern cars

What any customer wants when renting a car is to be able to choose to rent a new 45 seater car. It will bring you the most comfortable feeling in every journey. This you can rest assured, because DKT Plus always renews cars every year, so we will provide you with the latest high-class cars today.

Moreover, the vehicle is always cared for and maintained regularly to ensure technical safety. At the same time, they are always cleaned and deodorized to create a pleasant fragrance. It makes you more comfortable during the move.

A variety of modern and new 45 seater cars for customers to choose from
A variety of modern and new 45 seater cars for customers to choose from

Wide range of vehicles in the 45 seater segment for you to choose from

DKT Plus provides 45 seater cars from many different brands such as: Hyundai, Thaco, Samco. They are the most popular cars on the market. You can completely come see and rent a new 45 seater car according to your liking. The company’s 45 seater car rental service serves itineraries such as:

  • Car rental 45 seats for you to travel.
  • Car rental 45 seats for summer vacation, sightseeing, relaxation.
  • Car rental 45 seats airport transfer.
  • Car rental 45 seats to pick up students and staff.
  • Car rental 45 seats to shuttle at restaurants, weddings.
  • Car rental 45 seats to serve the needs of going to pagodas, temples, sightseeing, going to other provinces in Vietnam 1 way
  • Other 45 seater car rental services at your request.

Simple 45 seater car rental procedure

It’s quick and easy for you when DKT Plus has flexible car rental policies, creating the most favorable conditions for you. We do not waste your time and still choose the right car for you right away.

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When you have a need to rent a car, we always have staff on hand to advise, send actual video images for you to see and sign a contract. We will not waste your time.

Quick and simple 45 seater car rental procedure
Quick and simple 45 seater car rental procedure

Experienced and professional driver

The team of drivers at DKT Plus have been screened with full expertise. They know many routes and have experience in handling all roads. They will certainly ensure the highest safety for passengers. We always agree with the driver that they must serve customers like their own family to bring the most complete joy to customers.

Best customer support

DKT Plus always has a flexible customer care and consulting team. We always help you choose the best car for your trip.

Not only that, the customer care team of DKT Plus will always visit you during and after each trip to find out any shortcomings or problems you are not satisfied with. We fix it right away.

Cheapest service price in the market

Car rental price is one of the factors worth considering for you to have the most complete trip. DKT Plus always understands that you spend a lot of money on the trip, so we actively commit to customers with a reasonable price. We rent the cheapest 45 seater car in the area, highly competitive.

Competition in the market is part, most importantly we always understand what customers need is to have a quality car at a reasonable price. That’s the value you want.

The 45 seater car rental price is guaranteed to be the most competitive in the market
The 45 seater car rental price is guaranteed to be the most competitive in the market

What incentives does DKT Plus apply when customers rent a car with 45 seats?

DKT Plus always wants to bring customers absolute satisfaction, especially from the service to the incentives that a transport unit needs. Therefore, when you come to DKT Plus and choose 45 seater car rental service, you will receive certain percent discount and incentives in the following cases:

  • You belong to the group of car hirers for charity.
  • Rent a car twice a week at our place or more.
  • Rent a car for the 3rd time or more in a month.
  • Customers are students.

Above is all information about the 45 seater car rental service in Hanoi of DKT Plus. With our commitments and 45 seater car rental policy, DKT Plus believes that we can satisfy the most demanding customers. You will still feel satisfied from every service and quality we bring.

45 seater car rental in Hanoi price list (reference)
45 seater car rental in Hanoi price list (reference)

45 seater car rental in Hanoi price list

45 seater car to pick up and drop off Noi Bai airport

45 seater car Pick up and drop off Noi Bai airport
Pick up Drop off
Huyndai Universe 1.700.000 VND 1.700.000 VND

45 seater car for traveling, going to the province

Destination Mileage Price (VND)
Cát Bà 133 km Contact
Hạ Long 156 km Contact
Mai Châu 140 km Contact
Mộc Châu 200 km Contact
Sapa 315 km Contact
Tam Đảo 80 km Contact
Province Mileage Price (VND)
Bắc Giang 45km Contact
Hà Giang 300km Contact
Hà Nam 60km Contact
Hà Tĩnh 340km Contact
Hải Phòng 120km Contact
Hòa Bình 75km Contact
Hưng Yên 60km Contact
Lào Cai 286 km Contact
Nam Định 85km Contact
Nghệ An 320km Contact
Ninh Bình 90km Contact
Phú Thọ 95km Contact
Quảng Bình 550km Contact
Quảng Ninh 195 km Contact
Vĩnh Phúc 65km Contact
Yên Bái 200km Contact

How to book a service from us?

  • Our Mobile Phone/Zalo: 0914 306 818
  • Our email: dktplusvietnam@gmail.com
  • Our fanpage: thuexegiarenhathanoi
  • Our address: N03T7 – Ngoai Giao Doan Buiding, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

If you have any problems or you are not satisfied with our car rental service, you can call our hotline: 0914 306 818. We are very happy and ready to solve your problems the fastest and most effectively.

DKT Plus would like to express our most sincere gratitude for having been using our service. We hope that you always have safe, happy, and successful trips.