7 seater car rental with driver cheapest, high quality in Hanoi

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Traveling, going to the airport, going to work by car is gradually becoming more popular than ever. Therefore, individuals and organizations are always looking for quality car rental services to make the moving process easier. DKT Plus – Prestigious, quality, and competitively priced 7 seater car rental service in Hanoi. This place will bring customers new cars, the most comfortable and safe journey.

DKT Plus – The best cheap 7 seater car rental service in Hanoi

Currently, car rental services are growing, so people will always be confused, it is difficult to make a reasonable choice. According to statistics from feedback from car rental customers of DKT Plus, 75% of guests from 3 to 6 members will choose a 7 seater car rental service instead of a cramped 4-seater car for the trip. mine. Therefore, DKT Plus is constantly improving to bring customers the best 7 seater car rental service in Hanoi:

DKT Plus car rental 7 in Hanoi
DKT Plus car rental 7 in Hanoi

Luxury, trendy 7 seaterer car

DKT Plus owns a 7 seaterer car fleet with a large number, ensuring that it can meet the requirements of customers in terms of quantity, vehicle color, license plate. Especially the luxury, trendy and full of personality. The 7 seater car rental service at DKT Plus always captures a high market share and replaces many other vehicles.

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With high-quality vehicles, you will have extremely enjoyable experiences. You just need to rest assured to use our services because when you get in the car, we guarantee your safety in all aspects. Therefore, coming to the unit, customers will not have to worry about anything from safety to comfort when moving.

Outstanding quality of 7 seaterer car
Outstanding quality of 7 seaterer car

Outstanding quality of 7 seaterer car

Surely when sitting on a new 7 seaterer Innova 2019 or 2020 you will feel the comfort and class with wide seats, airy space, comfortable legroom, soft felt seats. Besides, you can also lean back very comfortably on long trips. This helps you to reduce fatigue and stay comfortable even on long journeys.

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Versatile utility on a 7 seaterer car

The third row of the 7 seaterer car can be split in half and folded easily on both sides to help increase the space for the storage compartment. So you won’t have to worry about bringing a lot of things or “the whole world” with you on every trip. Not to mention, the 7 seaterer car also fully meets the basic entertainment requirements for everyone when equipped with a CD player, AM / FM Radio and 6 extremely unique sound speakers. All the full facilities to bring you the most comfortable feeling, ride as smooth as at home.

Types of 7 seaterer cars for rent at DKT Plus

Currently, DKT Plus owns 7 seaterer cars such as: Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Innova, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santafe, Chevrolet,… Most of the 7 seater cars at DKT Plus have a sporty appearance with design. luxury, trendy, very popular with customers when looking for a 7 seater car rental service. Here are the top 3 most popular 7 seaterer cars at DKT Plus:

7 seater car Toyota Innova is not a bad choice
7 seater car Toyota Innova is not a bad choice

Toyota Innova 7 seater car rental

DKT Plus is currently serving customers with 7 seater cars such as Toyota Innova G 2018 – 2019, 7 seaterer cars that are cheaper than other models in the same segment. Toyota Innova is optimized with a spacious cabin to store things, so this is the car that many families choose when renting a 7 seaterer car. DKT Plus also has a self-driving 7 seater Toyota Innova car rental service in Hanoi for customers who like to be proactive and like privacy.

 Luxury Kia Sedona 7 seater car
Luxury Kia Sedona 7 seater car

7 seater car rental Kia Sedona

KIA’s 7 seater vip car is Sedona with luxurious and modern leather interior, heated interior. In particular, the Kia Sedona has a lively 8-speaker sound system and an independent 3-zone air conditioner. The passenger compartment also has many cup holders and water bottles suitable for families with young children. Not every company in Hanoi currently has a Kia Sedona 7 seater car rental service like DKT Plus.

Classy 7 seaterer Hyundai Santafe
Classy 7 seaterer Hyundai Santafe

7 seater car rental Hyundai Santafe

The 7 seaterer Hyundai Santafe is highly appreciated for its design and appearance with extremely unique design and strong lines. Moreover, the high-class interior amenities of Hyundai Santafe, panoramic sunroof, automatic air conditioning, … are also highly appreciated. The price of a Hyundai Santafe is also quite high, so the rental price is also higher than other 7 seater cars in the same segment.

Price list for car rental 7 seats

Price list of 7 seater car rental in Hanoi
Price list of 7 seater car rental in Hanoi

7 seater car pick up and drop off Noi Bai airport

7 seater car Hanoi airport transfer service
Pick up Drop off
Toyota Innova 400.000 VND 600.000 VND
Toyota Fortuner 500.000 VND 750.000 VND
Ford Everest 650.000 VND 850.000 VND
Kia Sedona 650.000 VND 850.000 VND

7 seater car for traveling, going to the province

Tourist destination Mileage Price (VND)
Cat Ba 133 km Contact
Ha Long 156 km Contact
Mai Chau 140 km Contact
Moc Chau 200 km Contact
Sapa 315 km Contact
Tam Dao 80 km Contact
Province Mileage Price (VND)
Bac Giang 45km Contact
Ha Giang 300km Contact
Ha Nam 60km Contact
Ha Tinh 340km Contact
Hai Phong 120km Contact
Hoa Binh 75km Contact
Hung Yen 60km Contact
Lao Cai 286km Contact
Nam Dinh 85km Contact
Nghe An 320km Contact
Ninh Binh 90km Contact
Phu Tho 95km Contact
Quang Binh 550km Contact
Quang Ninh 195km Contact
Vinh Phuc 65km Contact
Yen Bai 200km Contact
Instructions for renting a 7 seaterer car at DKT Plus
Instructions for renting a 7 seaterer car at DKT Plus

Quick and simple guide to renting a 7 seaterer car with driver at DKT Plus

DKT Plus affirms that customers will smile with our company’s 7 seater Hanoi car rental service with driver. DKT Plus owns a lot of new 7 seaterer cars to meet all the needs of customers best. The professional service of DKT Plus is shown during the time you use it. Here is a quick and simple guide to renting a 7 seaterer car service at DKT Plus:

  • Step 1: The fastest way is to call directly via hotline 0914 306 818 of DKT Plus
  • Step 2: Please agree and finalize with the consultant the basic information including the type of car you want to rent, car model, car color, return time, departure and arrival locations, etc.
  • Step 3: Sign the contract and complete the booking procedure, transfer the deposit to the company

After signing a car rental contract, customers must deposit a minimum amount of 10-15% of the contract value by bank transfer or cash. The remaining amount will be paid to the driver at the end of the trip. For those who need to rent a 7 seater car for the company, please contact DKT Plus directly, we will meet all your needs quickly.

DKT Plus - A reputable and quality car rental address
DKT Plus – A reputable and quality car rental address

DKT Plus – Prestigious and quality car rental address

The market for 4-seater, 7 seaterer and 16-seater car rental services in Hanoi is currently extremely developed. Each car rental unit on the market offers customers attractive advertisements. DKT Plus is proud to be one of the leading 7 seater car rental units in Hanoi with more than 14 years of operation in the transportation field.

We always receive a lot of trust from customers, high appreciation from partners. Up to now, DKT Plus continues to carry out the mission of serving all the car rental needs of customers. All vehicles used by our company come from big, quality brands such as: Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, etc.

Although currently on the market there are many units providing 7 seater car rental service, DKT Plus still receives the trust and choice of a large number of customers. The reason is that DKT Plus always tries and tries its best to bring the best service car rental solution to dear customers.

DKT Plus has many outstanding advantages and outstanding strengths that not all service providers on the market have:

  • The team of drivers at DKT Plus are all experienced, steady drivers, long in the profession, cheerful, enthusiastic, and strictly comply with regulations and road traffic laws.
  • The car rental price list at DKT Plus is extremely competitive, and suitable for the financial conditions of most customers
  • DKT Plus offers a variety of vehicles, most of which are luxury cars, with beautiful interiors, extremely modern and comfortable.
  • The team of consultants at DKT Plus are very dedicated, and professional, ready to support and answer all your questions and requests 24/7.
  • DKT Plus has a simple car rental procedure, and clear and transparent terms and conditions.

Above are sharing about 7 seater car rental service of DKT Plus – one of the most prestigious and quality car rental units in Hanoi. To book a car rental for individuals, organizations, hotels, restaurants and travel agencies in Hanoi, you can contact DKT Plus by the following ways:

How to book a service from us?

  • Our Mobile Phone/Zalo: 0914 306 818
  • Our email: dktplusvietnam@gmail.com
  • Our fanpage: thuexegiarenhathanoi
  • Our address: N03T7 – Ngoai Giao Doan Buiding, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

If you have any problems or you are not satisfied with our car rental service, you can call our hotline: 0914 306 818. We are very happy and ready to solve your problems the fastest and most effectively.

DKT Plus would like to express our most sincere gratitude for having been using our service. We hope that you always have safe, happy, and successful trips.

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